AC Greebs is Now Shipping! February 11 2014

Well folks, we've opened up the store. Who knew how many little things had to be done to sell a simple thing like the Smoking Steel? Luckily, we've got a good group of friends working against the punchlists, and we're currently in pretty good shape. 

Our last perks went out today (woohoo!), and we've been able to ship all the orders from the store pretty quickly. As a side note, let us know if you've had any shipping SNAFUs. 

So far, we've received nothing but great feedback from you all. It's pretty exciting to know that something we love is something that other people love, too! 

We're off to tell more people about what we're up to, so if you like our products, we ask that you simply tell friends and help spread the word. 

That's all for now. Back to work!