About AC Greebs

Some ideas are sparks of genius that remain smoldering for years in the back of our minds. The lucky few catch fire. AC Greebs is one such idea.

Years ago machinist Andrew Crowder created the perfect gravity smoking piece. The portable, durable, efficient bowl is easily cleaned, drops neatly in your pocket, and can be used in nearly any smoking context. 


Machined from 304 stainless, the Smoking Steel turns bottles into efficient smoking devices. It travels easily, without the fear of broken glass. Its jetted airways create incredibly milky hits, while using a minimal amount of your precious herbs. 

The tapered shape seals airtight in most standard 2-liter and smaller bottles, yet it's easily removed. And because it's stainless, cleaning is a breeze. Just toss the Smoking Steel in a small container (we like film canisters, if you can find one) with some alcohol and salt, shake vigorously, and you're set to go.