What People Are Saying

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Some kind words about AC Greebs:

"In Oregon, we call them 'aqua lungs' 'waterfalls' or 'liters' for the most part. I've taken more of them than any other form of smoking since I first learned about it in 1997. I absolutely love your product." 
Johnny Green, TheWeedBlog.com

"The purists smoking with glass on glass connectors and all sorts of vaporizer gadgetry...may snicker at using a metal bowl, but this tool is effective and charming in a back-to-basic, retro-future sort of way." 
Bucky Turco, Animal New York

"The ultimate stoner hack, this modular smoking system can transform any bottle into a smoking device."
Alex Bracetti, Complex Magazine  

"Gone are the days of hacking holes in bottle caps. This American-made bowl will fit nicely into the top of pretty much any plastic bottle to make a simple gravity bong. Perhaps the best thing about this piece is that if you ever got caught with it, it's unlikely anyone would even know what it is." 
Hunter Stuart, The Huffington Post

"Well, if you are going to take one gravity bong before work, might as well take two."
David Covucci,  BroBible


"The fact that this thing can be thrown in a pocket, and used virtually everywhere rivals only the 'bat' one-hitters or the classic J as a small smoking device. I throw it in my pocket with a bag, and off I go to a friend's place." - FZ, customer

"The piece is clutch. This has to be the most effective, easy, simple, and cleanly designed head piece. No melted plastic, knife cutting, unnecessary tools. Literally drops in, air tight, easy to pull back out. I doubted this thing as a smoking gimmick but AC Greebs is the real deal."  - RZY, customer