AC Greebs is Now Shipping! February 11 2014

Well folks, we've opened up the store. Who knew how many little things had to be done to sell a simple thing like the Smoking Steel? Luckily, we've got a good group of friends working against the punchlists, and we're currently in pretty good shape. 

Our last perks went out today (woohoo!), and we've been able to ship all the orders from the store pretty quickly. As a side note, let us know if you've had any shipping SNAFUs. 

So far, we've received nothing but great feedback from you all. It's pretty exciting to know that something we love is something that other people love, too! 

We're off to tell more people about what we're up to, so if you like our products, we ask that you simply tell friends and help spread the word. 

That's all for now. Back to work! 

Field Guide to Gravity Smoking December 16 2013

If you're new to gravity bongs, are curious how to make a gravity or waterfall setup, we've got you covered. We took the ultimate homemade, DIY style of smoking and made it easier, more elegant, and more effective. You can view how-to's under the Smoking Steel category, or you can check out some videos on our youtube channel. We made up this little field guide to help choose the right bottle size to smoke out of. With your AC Greebs Smoking Steel bowl, one size fits all.

And remember, if you're new to gravity smoking, start small. They are incredibly effective. 

GoGo Greeber Gadget October 08 2013

We are really, really excited to finally launch our crowdfunding campaign for the AC Greebs Smoking Steel bowl for gravity bongs.

We're looking forward to getting the piece out there and hearing people's feedback. It's the best and most simple gravity piece we've ever come across and we know it works almost too well, but it'll be great to hear what others think. 


Hopefully the campaign goes well and we can develop the line of accessories and different adaptors so we can turn the Smoking Steel bowl into the full smoking platform that we picture. 


Wish us luck!